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Brand: Relequip Model: 7551
Relequip Couch Stool 7551 With the average height of an examination couch being fixed at approximately 78cm (approx 31”), depending on the condition of the patient and their physical strength or ability, assistance may be required to get them onto the couch in order to be treated. Providing the i..
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Brand: Relequip Model: 6038
Relequip Evacuation Chair with Bracket & Cover 6038 Fire Safety Regulations make it clear that owners or managers of premises are responsible for evacuation procedure. It is no longer acceptable to dial 999 or 112 and wait for the Fire Service. A sick, injured, or any person unable to negotia..
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Brand: Relequip Model: 6030
Relequip Examination Treatment Couch with Couch Roll Holder 6030 The examination treatment couch with Couch Roll Holder is listed by the HSA as a required item for all First Aid Rooms, Health & Safety Authority guide to the Safety, Health and Welfare at Work - Chapter 2 of Part 7: First-..
Ex Tax:€370.26
Brand: Relequip Model: F804
First Aid & Medical Room Examination Couch with Holder Features: Epoxy coated square steel frame Tilting head section Built in couch roll dispenser High quality padded vinyl upholstery Available in black onlyMax weight 160kg Our First Aid Couch is ideal for any first aid ro..
Ex Tax:€350.00
Brand: Relequip Model: 7522
Relequip Gas Lift Stool Saddle Black Padded Seat 7553 Aimed at the Professional Medical Practitioner, the Relequip Stool offers stability and comfort, and the faux leather seat provides sufficient padding and support for lengthy procedures. The main feature of the stool is its versatility..
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Brand: Relequip Model: 3033
Head Immobiliser Beds & Blocks The Hayes First Aid Supplies reusable head immobiliser, beds and blocks, have a unique head chin strap is designed to conform to patient. Product Description A head immobiliser is lightweight and easy to use. Composed of a universal attachment base and two..
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Brand: Relequip Model: 7552
Relequip Medical Screen 7552 Patient privacy is a paramount concern which can be addressed simply and economically this four-fold portable screen. When not in use it takes up minimum floor space, but when required, opens in seconds to allow an section of a first aid room, GP surgery, clinic,..
Ex Tax:€444.32
Brand: Relequip Model: 3034
Relequip Medical Storage Cabinet - Lockable 3034 The Hayes First Aid Supplies storage cabinet has been designed to fulfil all your needs for the safe and secure storage of important first aid supplies and equipment. With two separate and lockable sections there is ample storage. The lower..
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Brand: Relequip Model: 7550
Relequip Rest Couch 7550 For a patient feeling unwell and needing to lie down, the Reliance rest couch has all the durability and practicality of the examination couches. However, at a height 28cm (11”) lower, this model is designed more for patient recovery than treatment, and offers them comfor..
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Brand: Relequip Model: 3047
Relequip Self Propelled & Super Light (19kg) Folding Wheelchair 3047 Manufactured to meet all CE certification and ISO: 13485 requirements. The extra thickness of the steel frame makes this one of the toughest self-propelled wheelchairs on the market. At the same time, the Hayes Fir..
Ex Tax:€268.58
Brand: Relequip Model: 3030
Relequip Spinal Immobilisation Board 5cmH x 46cmW x 184cmL Spinal Boards in various forms, have remained the gold standard of post-trauma management where damage to the spine or neck is established, or suspected. The product is an essential item for any emergency professional and is invaluable in..
Ex Tax:€181.00
Brand: Relequip Model: 3042
Relequip Stainless Steel Bin 3042 Safely and hygienically storing clinical waste until ready for disposal is a routine and daily task in every clinical environment, from First Aid Rooms to Hospital and GP Clinics. The latest addition to the Relequip family is designed to deal with this issue e..
Ex Tax:€37.40
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