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Shopping in Ireland for backboards, collars, head immobilisers, spinal boards, splints, stretchers and vacuum devices? Hayes First Aid Supplies offer a great range of splinting and immobilisation medical equipment at great prices with fast delivery.

Brand: CODE RED Model: 3033
CODE RED Head Immobiliser Beds & BlocksThe Hayes First Aid Supplies Head Immobiliser is lightweight and easy to use. Composed of a universal attachment base and two durable head straps ,closed-cell foam head blocks, with one set of head and chin straps. The head immobilizer can be used on all st..
Ex Tax:€77.29
CODE RED Rescue Stretcher Yellow 161cmL x 45cmW x 7cmD
Brand: CODE RED Model: 7516
Relequip Two-Piece Rescue Stretcher 7516 The Relequip Two-Piece Rescue Stretcher incorporates an ingenious design to protect the spine from further damage during rescue. The lightweight stretcher is exceptionally easy to manoeuvre in even the most confined space and its ability to ‘scoop’ the pat..
Ex Tax:€430.00
Brand: CODE RED Model: 3030
Relequip Spinal Immobilisation Board 5cmH x 46cmW x 184cmL Spinal Boards in various forms, have remained the gold standard of post-trauma management where damage to the spine or neck is established, or suspected. The product is an essential item for any emergency professional and is invaluable in..
Ex Tax:€181.00
Brand: CODE RED Model: 7501
CODE RED Two-Fold Stretcher 7501 The Relequip stretcher is a duo-fold design, allowing a normally bulky item to require minimum storage space when not in use. The stretcher folds both horizontally and vertically into the compact dimensions shown below. The frame, manufactured from aluminium, is b..
Ex Tax:€148.90
CODE RED Two-Piece Aluminium Scoop Rescue Stretcher
New Pre-Order
Brand: CODE RED Model: 7515
CODE RED Two-Piece Rescue Metal Stretcher A tried and trusted design, used as a staple item by emergency services and rescue organisations for many years. Its main function, apart from transporting the injured to safety, is to do so in such a way that protects the spine where an accident is suspe..
Ex Tax:€285.00
Model: IM090
Hartwell Medical Combi Carrier II Scoop Stretcher & Extrication BoardREVOLUTIONARY Patient HandlingThe Next Generation Scoop/BackboardDownload Brochure & Spec SheetThe CombiCarrierII functions as a scoop-type stretcher minimizing patient movement with no logrolling required and also serves a..
Ex Tax:€1,389.00
Combi Carrier II Head Immobiliser
New Out Of Stock
Model: IM028
Hartwell Medical Combi Carrier II Head ImmobiliserHead Immobiliser system designed specifically for use with the CombiCarrierII scoop stretcher / extrication boardDesigned specifically for use with the award-winning features of the CombiCarrierII®, this head immobilizer allows for easy operation of ..
Ex Tax:€175.00
KED Kendrick Extrication Device
2 - 3 Days
Model: IM030
The Kendrick Extrication Device is a device that is used in vehicle extrication to remove victims of traffic collisions from motor vehicles. Commonly carried on ambulances, the K.E.D. is typically applied by an emergency medical technician, paramedic, or another first responder. Typically used in co..
Ex Tax:€149.50
Model: PT150
Post Mortem Extra Heavy Duty Body Bag, BlueA heavy duty multiple use post mortem bag in navy blue made from high quality vinyl material. This is designed as a reusable body bag. The material is blue speckled and 400 Microns thick, which provides both an air and watertight barrier. The construction o..
Ex Tax:€45.00
Brand: Reliance Medical Model: 2749
Reliance Medical Euro-Splint 'Finger' 95mm x 45mmLightweight & portableWashproofReusable & versatileCompact & robustImmobilise broken bones and sprain injuries.Lightweight, washproof, compact and re-usable.SKU: 2749The EuroSplint is an incredibly versatile product and is used to imm..
Ex Tax:€10.79
Brand: Reliance Medical Model: 2748
Reliance Medical Euro-Splint 'Finger' 95mm x 45mmLightweightWashproofReusableImmobilise broken bones and sprain injuriesLightweight, washproof, compact and re-usableSKU: 2748Used to immobilise injured fingers. The splint can be shaped around or on the finger, loosely wrapping a bandage or tape aroun..
Ex Tax:€1.95
Brand: Laerdal Model: LAE980010
Laerdal Stifneck Select Extrication Adjustable Cervical Collar, AdultLaerdal Stifneck® extrication collars come in a variety of sizes, infant through adult. The premier collar for more than 20 years, Stifneck® extrication collars are easy to size, and allow airway and pulse check access while p..
Ex Tax:€15.95
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