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Model: 1021009
Fireblitz 1KG ABC Dry Powder Fire Extinguisher One of our best sellers, this versatile extinguisher which is ideal for general use in the car, taxi, bus, truck, van, home, office, schools, shops and marine boating. This fire extinguisher from Hayes First & Hayes Automotive has an ABC Dry..
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Model: PEL00006
Product descriptionA battery powered LED work light that has 24 bright LEDs and has a beam distance of 20m. It features a powerful magnet for hanging and a rotating hanging hook for 360° operation making it extremely flexible and suitable for a variety of uses.Product detailsPackage Dimens..
Ex Tax:€7.95
Model: 1021021
2kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher Light Steel, Commander Edge CO2EA 34BThe Commander EDGE extinguisher is probably the most robust CO2 fire extinguisher available and are suitable 2kg Co2 Fire Extinguisher Light Steel, Commander Edge CO2EA 34B is ideal for the office, workshop, industrial and machinery. CE ..
Ex Tax:€62.00
Brand: GIMA Model: 24494
Blowing tubes for Professional Alcohol Tester (code 24491) and AT5OO Easy Calibration Alcohol Tester (code 24486) ..
Ex Tax:€29.95
Brand: GIMA Model: 24498
Compact device to measure alcohol concentration in your breath.Digital/graphic interface and animation, one-hand operation. ‰ BAC values.Large display to read exact value of your breath (2 colour backlight).If the result exceeds alcohol limit, the don't drive logo Will appear on display.Supplied in ..
Ex Tax:€29.95
AP338 Professional Alcohol Tester, with Printer AP338 Professional Alcohol Tester, with Printer
Brand: GIMA Model: 24486
Professional fuel cell sensor breath alcohol tester with printer and touch screen. The fuel cell is a porous disk with a thin layer of platinum black on both faces and any alcohol that comes in contact with the cell's surface is broken down chemically. For each molecule of alcohol that is broken dow..
Ex Tax:€995.00
BLUE DOT Travel First Aid Kit In Envelope Pouch BLUE DOT Travel First Aid Kit In Envelope Pouch
Top Brand
Brand: BLUE DOT Model: 1000088
Blue Dot Travel First Aid Kit In Envelope Pouch with Value Pack Options The ideal, multipurpose first aid kit in our envelope pouch.  Key Features: 20cm x 17cm Ideal for small injuries Bag sized Manufacturers product code ref : 1000088..
Ex Tax:€4.35
Travel & BreakdownP1 AUTOCARE Emergency Bulb KitThe kit contains a variety of bulbs and fuses to suit most vehicles. Please consult the driver’s manual for instructions on how to replace a bulb or fuse in the vehicle. Care must be taken to not touch the glass of halogen bulbs. If the glass is ac..
Ex Tax:€4.88
Brand: P1 AUTO CARE Model: 5606002
Hand Pressing 3 LED Dynamo Wind UP Flashlight Torch No batteries requiredIdeal as part of your emergency driver safety kit..
Ex Tax:€2.85
Eclipse 1-5 Persons Travel First Aid Kit with E/W & Burns Eclipse 1-5 Persons Travel First Aid Kit with E/W & Burns
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Brand: Astroplast Model: 1004501
Originally made up for the Electricity Supply Board (ESB), this popular 1-5 Persons Travel First Aid Kit in our Eclipse 500 bag is a stylish, versatile first aid bag available in three colours: red, green or blue. This kit contains a number of dressings, bandages, eye wash and burns treatment p..
Ex Tax:€24.95
Emergency Life Hammer & Seat Belt Cutter When a bad car accident happens a few seconds can mean the difference between life and death for you or your loved ones. This Life Hammer Emergency Tool helps you to escape quickly after a car accident. Electric windows do not work without power and wo..
Ex Tax:€4.88
High visibility vests are essential safety products for the workplace and the road. Quick and easy front fasteningMachine washableCompliant to EN20471 for reflectivity...
Ex Tax:€3.25
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