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Eye Wash Refills

If you have something stuck in your eye (a foreign body), or if your eye has been exposed to chemicals, you should wash your eye out using a sterile fluid from a clear container. This will remove any loose material in your eye.

Flushing your eye

If chemicals are involved in the eye injury, flush your eye thoroughly using clean water or sterile fluid for at least 10 to 20 minutes. Use a lot of water to wash your eye, and gently hold your eyelids open throughout the rinsing process.

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Brand: Astroplast Model: 2405006
Astroplast Sterile Eye Wash Saline 20ml Eye Pods Box of 25 Sterile, single use emergency eye wash solution for ocular, topical irrigation and wound cleansing. Saline sterile water eye wash pods for refilling eyewash station, first aid kits, first aid cabinets, first aid boxes, kit bags an..
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