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Hand Sanitisers

Great Value Hand Sanitisers for sale in Ireland

Looking for hand sanitizers in Ireland? Hayes First Aid & Medical Supplies offer a great range of hand sanitizers, starting from our pocket sized small 75ml pump bottle with belt clip ideal for your handbag or simply attach it to your clothing, to medium sized 120ml flip top, click seal bottles or the 500ml pump bottle up to the 5 litre drum to refill and reuse all of your bottle already purchased plus a selection of wall mounted manual bulk fill units and the ultimate hygienic elbow operated pump standalone unit.

Alcohol based hand sanitizers are ideal for maintaining a high level of hygiene in the workplace. Effective against bacteria and viruses, this hand sanitiser is particularly useful for food handling jobs, medical settings, care homes, laboratories and more; anywhere that contamination is a particular risk or concern. They kill 99.9% of all bacteria. Rub contains hand friendly moisturisers, emollients, and special skin protection, which will help stop the spread of germs and illnesses causing bacteria. Hand sanitizers are great in areas where germs on your hands need to be killed quickly when you do not have access to water and soap.

Hand sanitizers are portable, the smaller bottles can fit into pockets, glove compartments or purses and the bigger sizes can be placed on your desk and can be moved if needed. They are very useful on the go where you do not have access to a bathroom to wash your hands with soap and water. Hand sanitizers are perfect after or before shaking hands, before having snacks or after sneezing or coughing

Hand sanitizers that are mounted are a great alternative too, many places now have a mounted hand sanitizer at the entrance, so they stop the spread or bacteria before you enter the building and when you are leaving. Especially around the winter months it is easy to touch the same door handle that has been touched by someone that did not wash their hands after sneezing or blowing their nose, this is the start or spreading bacteria. When you touch that handle and then go into a meeting and shake hands with 5 people you have already spread germs and bacteria to half of the office.

We also must keep in mind that our hands touch many of our surroundings key boards, door handles, keys and money many things that cannot be sanitised or kept clean most of the time this is why we all should use hand sanitizer as an easy way to keep our hands bacteria free.

There are many benefits of using hand sanitizers that are proven by doctors one of them is better health and keeping the spread of bacteria under control. Hand Sanitizers improve your cleanliness and your health meaning less illnesses spread.

Need more help? Whether you are a home user, GP doctor, medical centre, surgery, first responders, fire service, ambulance service, occupational health department or a nursing home, you can give our team a call on 01 5079901 or email to discuss your needs and get a quote. Irish owned and based, shipping nationwide throughout Ireland.

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