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Tear EAB

Our tapes are a firm favourite with Olympians, World Champions and weekend warriors alike, for the unrivalled quality and unbeatable prices.

EAB is a cotton, stretchy (170%), adhesive tape. It is used for everything from moderate support, to holding lifting blocks (for rugby) in place and thumb taping.

There are two types of EAB; TEAR EAB and NON TEAR EAB (also known simply and confusingly as EAB). You will love using our our TEAR EAB, it’s quickly becoming the most popular rugby tape and thumb tape.

TEAR EAB Is made from woven cotton spandex and is used for 90%+ of EAB applications.

CHOOSE TEAR When you want moderate support and protection, fast. It is hand tearable, stretchy, sticky and durable. TEAR EAB is the most versatile and popular tape around.


The difference is far greater than the names would suggest. Both are elasticated adhesive bandages that adhere to the skin and stretch 170% but that’s where the similarity ends.


  • Is more robust. It uses a thicker cotton and has a far higher tensile strength, meaning it can only be cut with a scissors
  • It has a feathered edge (for added comfort) and a central line to help reduce overlapping


  • As the name would suggest it is hand tearable
  • It is lighter weight and has a “crinkled” texture which helps aid multiple layers
  • Is more versatile and the most popular tape for rugby


  • UNBEATABLE Backed by our 100% Performance Guarantee you won't find better.
  • EXTRA STICKY Created to withstand the British weather. We've added a bit more bite to our glue.
  • ANTI SLIP Durable fabric, a consistent stretch and even recoil minimises slippage.
  • HAND TEARABLE No scissors are required for our TEAR EAB. Allowing for quick and easy application.
  • WRAPPED Individually wrapped rolls, to keep them safe and dry. Changing rooms are grubby places.
  • BREATHABLE Porous glue helps your skin breath. Reducing irritation and improving performance.


Our EAB and TEAR EAB come in 3 sizes; 2.5CM / 5CM / 7.5CM

  • 2.5CM – Use to protect ears, fingers and smaller joints.
  • 5CM – Ideal for ankle, wrist and knee taping. Also used for thumb taping and the hook-grip in weightlifting.
  • 7.5CM – Knees and shoulder taping. Securing lifting blocks for rugby.

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