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EAB Tape

The go-to tape for quick support and protection. Our peerless EAB tapes are stretchy, sticky and strong. It's the most popular tape in rugby and ideal for thumb taping.

EAB is a cotton, stretchy adhesive tape. It is used for everything from moderate support, to holding lifting blocks (for rugby) in place and thumb taping.

There are two types of EAB; TEAR EAB and NON TEAR EAB (also known simply and confusingly as EAB). You will love using our our TEAR EAB, it’s quickly becoming the most popular rugby tape and thumb tape.

There are 3 sizes available,

  1. Narrow (finger tape) 2.5cm x 4.5m used for fingers, thumbs and wrists in Rugby, Goal Keeping, Crossfit.
  2. Standard (most versitile) 5cm x 4.5m used for thumbs, ankles, elbows and wrists in Weightlifting, Rugby, Crossfit, Football.
  3. Wide (rugby tape) 7.5cm x 4.5m used for shoulders, knees, ankles and thighs in Rugby, American Football, Basketball.

MODERATE SUPPORT - EAB is the go-to tape for moderate support. Consider it an "in-between" for K TAPE and ZINC OXIDE TAPE. It's often used in combination with ZINC OXIDE tapes to provide added comfort and protection.

FAST PROTECTION - Quick, simple and effective. TEAR EAB can be applied quickly, making it the first choice for pitch-side patch-ups and extra protection.#

ADDED COMFORT - EAB is very versatile and easy to use. The stretchy fabric can be manipulated around joints making it a good choice as an under-wrap or over-wrap for securing strappings.

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