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First Aid Training

How long is an occupational first aid training course?

The QQI OFA 5N1207 training course is run over a minimum of 3 days or 24 hours with a 2 hour assessment/exam. Courses can be delivered over a number of weeks.

The PHECC FAR training course is not less than 18 contact hours including assessment but excluding breaks, averaging 6 hours instruction per day.


What is the retraining requirement?

For the QQI OFA award, occupational first aiders must do a 1 day refresher and assessment to be re-certified.

For the PHECC FAR award, the refresher course is not less than 12 hours including assessment but excluding breaks, averaging 6 hours instruction per day.


When do occupational first aiders need additional training?

Occupational first aiders may need additional specialised training if a work place has employees exposed to any special hazards such as:

  • risk of poisoning by toxic substances, e.g. certain cyanides and related compounds
  • risk of burns from corrosive or oxidising substances, e.g. hydrofluoric acid
  • risk of accidental exposure to hazardous substances, e.g. toxic, irritant or asphyxiant gases, requiring oxygen for resuscitation
  • Other specific risks identified in the Safety Statement
  • Additional provisions in other regulations such as administration of oxygen


What is the maximum number of learners/trainees to an instructor?

10 is the maximum number for the QQI OFA standard and 6 is the maximum at present for PHECC FAR. This is to ensure learners have sufficient time to develop first aid skills. The instructor is required to have a manikin and training AED for every 4 learners.


Who does the first aid assessment?

For the QQI OFA 3 day course a separate instructor (examiner) must do the assessment.

For the 1 day QQI refresher course, the same instructor or a different instructor can do the assessment.

For the PHECC FAR 3 day course and refresher course, the instructor does the assessment without the need for an examiner. 



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