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Bicycle Saddle Pouch First Aid Kit Bicycle Saddle Pouch First Aid Kit
Top Brand
Brand: Astroplast Model: 1025039
Bike Pouch with First Aid - Saddle Our bicycle first aid pouches provide all the first aid requirements for the occasional cyclist, the enthusiast or the fanatic. The pouch is made of moulded EVA foam and finished with rugged rubber over moulding for style and durability. This pouch fits neatly o..
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Blue Dot Child Minder & Nursery First Aid Kit
Top Brand
Brand: BLUE DOT Model: 90858
Child minder and nursery first aid kit which contains the essential items for children for use in a creche, nurseries, montessori, schools and home.  The contents contain first aid for up to 10 persons, ideal for all the little bumps!   All plasters in this kit have been manufactured ..
Ex Tax:€22.50
Brand: Crest Medical Model: 1000088
Blue Dot Travel First Aid Kit In Envelope Pouch with Value Pack Options The ideal, multipurpose first aid kit in our envelope pouch.  Key Features: 20cm x 17cm Ideal for small injuries Bag sized Manufacturers product code ref : 1000088..
Ex Tax:€5.89
Outdoor First Aid Kit Large
Top Brand
Brand: Astroplast Model: 1027004
Astroplast Water resistant Outdoor First Aid Kit - Large Dry Bag by Wallace Cameron Increasing leisure time and the current focus on health means more time is spent taking part in outdoor activities which includes water sports. Our innovative Marine range of first aid is not only waterproof ..
€24.15 €30.19
Ex Tax:€19.96
Piccolo General Purpose First Aid Kit
Top Brand
Brand: Astroplast Model: 1001050
Astroplast Piccolo General Purpose First Aid Kit by Wallace Cameron This Piccolo general-purpose dispenser is a first aid kit suitable for your home, car or for travelling on holiday. This dispenser comes in an innovative and sleek container in the stylish ocean green colour. All the items in thi..
Ex Tax:€16.21
Pico Blister Plaster for Heels Medium 5 Pack
Top Brand
Brand: Astroplast Model: 1043092
Astroplast Pico Blister Plasters for Heels Medium 5 Pack by Wallace Cameron Reduces pain and eases pressure Shoes can rub, causing a layer of skin to be removed and a blister to form. Astroplast blister plasters can provide relief while acting like a layer of skin to keep out dirt and germs th..
Ex Tax:€4.95
Pico Corn Cushions One Size 6 Pack
Top Brand
Brand: Astroplast Model: 1043094
Astroplast Pico Corn Cushions 6 Pack by Wallace Cameron One Size To give pain relief from corn cushions. Shoes that are tight can cause hard skin to form and build up. The hard skin and pressure from the shoes can get more intense and force the dead skin deep into the foot to form a corn cushi..
Ex Tax:€4.95
Pico Gel Plasters One Size 6 Pack
Top Brand
Brand: Astroplast Model: 1043096
Astroplast Gel Plasters 6 Pack by Wallace Cameron One Size Reduces pain and eases pressure. Shoes can rub, causing a layer of skin to be removed and a blister to form. Astroplast Gel Plasters help create the ideal environment with a breathable barrierto protect against germs.. Keep out..
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Brand: Holthaus Medical Model: 1061180
Holthaus VELO® first aid bag for bicycles with 2 tankas can be winded around the handlebar of any bike. This zipped nylon first aid bag is available from Ireland's fastest growing supplier of premium quality first aid kits is manufactured in Germany and distributed throughout Ireland  and the U..
Ex Tax:€9.95
Brand: Astroplast Model: 1019037
Astroplast Vivo Car First Aid Kit Contains recommended first aid components for travelling employees, with additional contents. Can be located onto the existing green box bracket or installed with the new secure fitting bracket as supplied. Essential first aid Mounting bracket supplied Ideal for ..
Ex Tax:€19.95
Brand: Astroplast Model: 1033066
Wallace Cameron Astroplast EVA Pouch Travel First Aid Kit The ideal soft pouches for travel or vehicles, with contents for minor incidents and guidance on first aid procedures. These portable pouches are available with content in small, medium or large and are made from EVA molded foam combined ..
Ex Tax:€27.50
Brand: Holthaus Medical Model: 1061167
This handy nylon bag with zipper consists of a filling assortment with 24 filling parts: 1 triangular bandage      1 scissors 2 vinyl gloves    2 elastic bandages 4 swabs            4 plast..
€7.20 €10.29
Ex Tax:€5.95
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