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First Aid FAQ's Topics

First Aid Frequently Asked Question Topics

Do I need a qualified first aider in my workplace?

How many first aiders should be present in a workplace?
If the designated occupational first aider is absent from the place of work, what must the employer do?

How is a first aider contacted?

How are the emergency services contacted?

How long is an occupational first aid training course?

What is the retraining requirement?
When do occupational first aiders need additional training?

What is the maximum number of learners/trainees to an instructor?

Who does the first aid assessment?

What type of a certificate does a first aider receive?

What happens if a first aider’s certificate lapses?
How long is certification valid for?
Are occupational first aid certificates from other countries valid in Ireland?

What should be in a first aid box or travel kit?


Is there some flexibility on the contents of boxes and kits?
What first aid records and documentation need to be kept?
Can a first aider give out pa)nkillers/headache tablets?
What is an AED?
Are occupational first aiders trained in the use of AED?
Are employers required to have an AED?

Do I have to have a first aid room at my workplace?

What should be considered when planning and designing first aid rooms?

What were the main changes to OFA recently?

What is going to change in the future?
What do the changes mean for existing OFA instructors?

What do the changes mean for those wishing to become instructors for the first time?

What do the changes mean for learners?
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