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First Aid Certificates

What type of a certificate does a first aider receive?

Presently, the HSA recognises both the QQI OFA Level 5 5N1207 certificate in Occupational First Aid and the PHECC first aid response (FAR) certificate.

In relation to QQI, the first aider will receive a certificate from the training provider for 2 yearly refresher training as QQI does not issue refresher certificates.


What happens if a first aider’s training lapses?

Where training for an occupational first aider lapses, a 1 day refresher training is required if the lapse is less than 3 months, otherwise the full 3 day training is required. The important date to note is the date of the previous training and not the date on the certificate. QQI certificates are dated the date of issue which is some time after the training date while refresher certificates issued by training providers will normally have the date of the training.


How long is certification valid for?

Occupational first aid certification is valid for 2 years after which refresher training is required.


Are occupational first aid certificates from other countries valid in Ireland?

No -There are no mutual recognition agreements between Ireland and other countries on occupational first aid. Therefore occupational first aid certificates obtained in other countries are not transferable and are not valid in Ireland. In order to be a valid occupational first aider in Ireland, you must do the training in Ireland.


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